Crazy Time Game at 1win

Crazy Time is a very popular Live Casino TV Game which is available to all 1win users. It has a very nice unusual format with bonus games and the maximum winnings are 20,000x!

Start playing this popular casino game at 1win, have fun and win big!

Crazy Time is a very popular Live Casino TV Game which is available to all 1win users

What is Crazy Time Evolution Game?

Crazy Time Live Game is a “Wheel” format casino game that consists of number fields as well as bonus games. This is a live casino game, which is conducted by the dealer in real time. While he chats with users and spins the wheel, users place bets on the fields. As a result of the spin, the field that comes up wins. Here are the main points you need to know:

  • The game’s RTP is 96.08%;
  • The wheel consists of 54 fields, 9 bonus fields (2 Pochinko, 2 Cash Hunt, 4 Coin Flip and 1 Crazy Time) and 45 numerical fields;
  • The maximum winnings are 20,000x of the bet size;
  • Users can simultaneously place bets on multiple fields.
Crazy Time Evolution Game is a live casino game, which is conducted by the dealer in real time

Rules of Crazy Time Casino Game

Crazy Time Game Live is a wheel-type game with 54 different fields. Before the dealer spins the wheel, users place bets on the fields via a virtual scoreboard. You can select multiple fields within each round. We have prepared a description of the basic rules of the game and all of the Game Crazy Time fields available for betting.

List with the main rules what you need to know about Crazy Time Casino Game by 1win

Number fields

These are the fields with the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10. You place a bet on any of these numbers and it will actually determine how much you win if the field is a winning one. So if you bet $100 on 1, you will get $200 ($100 of your money and $100 as winnings) and if you bet $100 on 10, you will get $1,100 ($100 of your money and $1,000 as winnings).

Information about 1win Crazy Time Casino Number fields

Bonus Fields

You can place wagers on the bonus game fields. If they fall, a certain game will start which can bring big winnings, usually higher than the number fields. Here is a description of the bonus games:

Coin FlipA dealer approaches a special machine with a coin having a red and a blue side. The winning odds for each side of the coin appear on the scoreboard. Dealer presses the button and the winnings depend on the coin’s flip side.
Cash HuntDealer comes to a special animated screen. On the screen you will see a lot of odds – 5x, 10x, 100x and so on. Then all the odds are covered with pictures and shuffled randomly. The user clicks on the picture and “shoots” it. After this all the pictures are revealed and you win according to the odds that were under the picture you chose.
PochinkoThe dealer approaches the special animated screen, which resembles the Plinko in its format. At the very bottom of the screen are the odds of winning. The dealer from above throws a ball which hits the edges (sticks) and users win based on the odds the ball lands on.
Crazy TimeThe dealer retreats to a separate room with a bonus wheel. You choose the colour of the pointer – green, blue or yellow. The dealer spins the wheel. You win based on the value that comes up on the pointer you choose.
A table with 1win Crazy Time casino game Bonus Fields

Bonuses and Doubles

The Pochinko and Crazy Time casino games have “Double” fields. This means that all the odds that are on the playing field are doubled and the round starts all over again. Also, at the start of each round, the “Round Wheel” spins. It can increase the odds of winning on a particular field, both numeric and bonus, if it is hit.

Information about Bonuses and Doubles at Crazy Time casino game from 1win

Play Crazy Time Live Game at 1win casino

Any user can start playing Crazy Time at 1win for real money. We have prepared instructions on how to start winning in it:

  1. Go to the website or open the 1win mobile app.
  2. Click on the registration button.
  3. Fill out the form with your email, password, phone number, currency and create an account.
  4. Refill your account balance in any convenient way by clicking on the refill button.
  5. Find “Crazy Time” on the 1win Casino page and click on it.
  6. Place your bets and win!

You bet on the fields through the virtual scoreboard. Winnings are credited to your balance immediately after the round, and you can withdraw them after you receive them.

Simple steps how to start playing Crazy Time Live Game at 1win

Best crazy time game strategy

Of course, the result of each spin of the wheel is random, from which it is impossible to develop a strategy that guarantees winning. Nevertheless, Crazy Time regular users have a number of their own tactics and strategies, which in their opinion increase the chances to win. We would like to tell you about the most popular ones.

Bonus Hunt strategy

Everyone loves Crazy Time bonuses, because they can bring really big winnings. Place bets of any denomination on bonus games. In fact, there’s a 16.7% chance of the bonus game falling out on every spin.

Information about Best Crazy Time game and Bonus Hunt strategy by 1win

Maximum Safe Strategy

In this Crazy Time game strategy, you only bet on the numeral fields. They take up most of the field. Thus, there are 21 segments with one on the playing field. This strategy is safer, because the chances of a number falling out are much higher than a bonus.

Martingale strategy

You increase the bet after each loss. That way, when the section you choose falls out, you get back all that you lost and get a small winnings.

Information about Maximum Safe and Martingale strategy at Crazy Time game from 1win

Crazy time tips & tricks for winning

We’d like to share a few tips that you should know before you start playing Crazy Time for real money:

  • Start with small bets to get a feel for how the game works;
  • Take probability theory into consideration; if a bonus hasn’t been available for too long, it’s about to happen;
  • Bet on more than one field at a time, especially the bonus fields;
  • Keep an eye on the bonus multipliers for each round, as they can increase your total winnings on the bet or increase the value of the bonus game;
  • Keep an eye on your budget, especially if you are using the Martingale strategy to play Game Crazy Time.
Short list with tips & tricks for Crazy time game at 1win

Download Crazy Time

To play Crazy Time from anywhere and anytime, you can download the 1win mobile app. It is absolutely free and in order to download it you need to:

  1. Open the 1win mobile website through any smartphone browser.
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the homepage.
  3. Click on the download button with your operating system logo.
  4. Download and install the app on your smartphone.

In the mobile version of the game, once downloaded, you are also taken to the Live broadcast. You place your bets via the virtual scoreboard. You simply click on the box you want to bet your chips on and your bet is accepted when the dealer starts spinning the wheel.

Short instructions how to Download Crazy Time Live Game App on 1win website

Crazy Time Tracker & Stats

The Crazy Time casino game is completely transparent. You can see statistical information about the most recent fields that have been played. You can also see which 20 fields were the last ones to drop. These Crazy Time game statistics can help you calculate the mathematical probability of which box will be next with the highest chance. However, you should still remember that the wheel is spun by the dealer at random, and each spin is a new probability.

Information about Crazy Time Tracker & Stats at 1win

Features of 1win Crazy Time game

Crazy Time online game can bring in some really big winnings and has a large following because of its benefits and chips. We would like to point out the most important features:

  • The maximum winnings are 20,000X and the RTP is quite high for a casino game – 96.08%;
  • This is a live casino game with a nice format where the outcome of each spin of the wheel is completely random;
  • The game is filled with internal bonus games and the chance of them falling out is quite high, as they occupy 9 cells out of 54;
  • The winnings do not depend solely on luck, as in slots, but on the actions of the players;
  • The game is played around the clock, the dealers change, and they are all charismatic, communicating with the audience and creating a pleasant mood.
List with the most important features and benefitsthe of 1win Crazy Time Casino game



How do I find Crazy Time game in casino?

Go to the Casino section of the website or in the 1win app and search for Crazy Time via the search bar or the provider – Evolution.


What’s the best bonus that could fall out?

Typically, the biggest winnings come from the Crazy Time field. However, each bonus can bring in a lot, especially if the multiplier is triggered at the start of the round.


What is the maximum possible winnings in Crazy Time?

The maximum win set by the developer Evolution Gaming is 20,000X per round.


Can I make a Crazy Time game download to my smartphone?

Yes, you can download the 1win app for free and play this game anytime, anywhere and win real money.